Think about it...

Writer’s Block

That’s the park I walk around . . . I’m kidding this is actually from my recent vacation in Oregon which you can check out on 

While I currently procrastinate writing the  gory details of my next zombie book I thought hmm–I can still get my word count in–just not in my book I’m supposed to be working on.

Let’s get physical and tackle writer’s block. Or at least virtually physical. As you know, I sit while I work and all the exercise is done through my fingers. I’m sure they’d complain if they had mouths, but fortunately for me they don’t. EAT KEYBOARD FINGERS!!! Sometimes my arm also sees a little action if I remember to eat while working. And that’s the extent of my exercise which means my brain is not being stimulated.

So if I hit writer’s block, or need to brainstorm, I actually get up and walk around the neighborhood, or park. And I will talk to myself, which serves two purposes. One, I think I work better when I say things out loud and two, it keeps creepy people and the hooligans from approaching me because they think I’m crazy. It’s only failed me once, so you have good odds if you follow in my crazy footsteps.

My other go-to stimulus is coming up with an insane next step. Something that is completely not plausible in the storyline–or is it? I’ve actually filled holes and pulled scenes together by using this route, all for the better. What can I say sometimes crazy works.

Staring at the screen willing myself to complete a sentence doesn’t work for me. I find myself using my fingers to check social media instead, or shopping. But then my retail therapy haunts me and when I open the package I think, oh no! Writer’s block procrastination gift. This is when I was stuck on that scene in my book–I check said scene and it’s still not done. What was I doing this past week?! . . . we’ll find out from the next package I receive.

Think about it...

Is it in the gutter?

Nowadays it’s easy to avoid commercials. They are useful if you have to go to the bathroom or check your email or update your status, which generally keeps my attention until the show returns…

But when I hear “Nothing can keep you from Magnum.” – Magnum Chocolate commercial. It grabs my attention every time.

And my first thought is always: Condoms

Second thought: chocolate condoms, because I realize it’s a chocolate commercial.