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Episode 7: Gunslinger Girl

Join us for a Girl Power packed book that holds all the men prisoners and the women rule the world! You’ll see what I mean … start your New Year off with a BANG as we take you to the west where there are no rules and anyone can start a new life.

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Toothless Fun

Spammers, Scammers, Perverts. What do they all have in common? It all begins with one word. Hi. Hello. What’s up…wait do kids still say that? Well my generation does so the point is there’s two people in this world. The one who ignores these greetings and the one who likes all the attention. And then there’s me…


Now I do have photos up on Instagram that can easily be seen so anyone who bothers will see I’m obviously not 92. But who checks pictures when your real goal is something else, unless…



Sadly I haven’t gotten another reply.


Bookstagram World

More book questions! I promise I’m not being biased, it’s just you’re following an author and I’m a little obsessed with all things books. Book candles, book sleeves, books coasters, book shirts. Yes I have been sucked into the #bookstagram world on instagram it’s its own little nation you should really join me. We’d have so much fun together. And here we go:

Book on night stand: here’s the thing I hoard water on my nightstand…which isn’t a normal nightstand it’s a rolling cart…and has holes so the condensation drips. No book is safe on my nightstand so my books are on the floor 😅 🐚Last book read: but whys the rum gone? Daughter of a Pirate King
🐡Surprising book on shelf: if your book is on my shelf I probably most likely fell in love with it ….or possibly it was free….or book box…but that’s beside the point. The point is the most surprising book I have would make you blush and is rated above PG 13 and only for mature audiences
🐐Book should have already read: The Grisha trilogy! I somehow keep getting tricked into helping others! 😂 i have no idea why bc im so evil! Someone should send out a nationwide announcement
🐏Book disappointed you: you know what really disappoints me…when people dont know how stop signs work. Im convinced itll be the downfall of society
🐙Book that grabs your attention: anything pretty…my head will turn like a niffler hunting shiny treasure
🐝Book you plan to read soon: I had a whole list! AKA TBR and trusted goodreads to keep that list safe and then! I find out the list is gone! And im negative a book! NEGATIVE! How do you even get negative? Reading it backwards? .


Silly Procrastination

Who else succumbs to silly #bookstagram tags on Instagram? Instead of writing….I take these as personal challenges to see how silly I can make the answer.

If you dont know I went to the Little Mermaid play last night! And got myself a dinglehopper 💙 On another note I finally have my answers for . . . prepare yourself  #bookplaceiwanttovisit & #mylifeinbooks

Gringots – i dont know about you but that rollar coaster was awesome and the dragon ride at the end is a one in a lifetime opportunity

The Night Circus – mostly for the food but the tents described, id hide in one and never come out

Scamander’s suitcase – Id probably die from being eaten or touching something poisonus but 😏

Spell my name in books

K – K is for Killer

E – Ever the Hunted

N – Never Never

D – Dead to the World

R – Rose Society, The

A – A Darker Shade of Magic

Count your books on your shelf with your age: booksters im old 👵 theres not enough books in the world to count for my age. Id fall asleep counting, lose my place, get road rage on my rascal trying to move along the shelf. So lets leave this one to the young ones

Book that represents a destination to go: Girl with the dragon tattoo – Sweden

Anna and the french Kiss – France

Sookie Series – Louisana, Your thinking wth, how did this get on your list?! Let me tell you its my inner fat girl, she wants the food, beignets, gumbo, crawfish etouffee, dont you dare judge me but if you do make food so I can eat while youre judging

Which book will give you a feeling of accomplishment when finishing: My tbr list is no where near as long as everyone elses but its still $!*;&#%×$ long so every book off that list is a score!


#bookseveryday tag

If you don’t follow me on instagram yet. I’m going to show you what you’re missing out on! We do bookish tags, yes that’s right I answer random questions about books. Here’s one I did recently!

Foreign or national: My first question…does he have an accent and if so is it a sexy accent… Wait we’re talking about books…nevermind-um which ever has the better package-er-cover I MEANT COVER. Which ever has the prettiest cover

Book you couldn’t finish: if i started the first page Ill make it to the end. It might take a really really really really long time. I might die a little on the inside. Get sidetracked alot to do anything else but read that book but eventually itll get done

Booksums up your life: oh gosh if i tell you that youll know more about me than you want to

phsical or ebook: ebook ill tell you why Dead Man’s Hand and Nirvana are ebooks! So simple and cheaper. And! Less weight Favorite villain: its really rude to ask for just one. So many deserve the spotlight for the despicable actions they orchestrate. Im really feeling Sadie right now from Awkward she made you feel like shit and then pretended you thanked her for it. Priceless. Levanna from Lunar books gosh her mind was so twisted and the queen of complete and utter nastiness Cersei.

Book you recommend to anyone: Dead Man’s Hand; Nirvana, you had to see that coming. All the light we cannot see. And Heartless..

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