Feed the soul

Remember the Broken Heart

The first time you fall in love is pure, devotional, innocent, and it bursts through effortlessly. It’s a raw state of emotional chaos that fills you with an infinite amount of happiness, obsession and compassion the first time around.

Which is why the heartbreak crushes you down to the depths of your soul.
You innocently gave someone a piece of yourself and they shattered it, only to leave you to pick up the pieces and slowly put it back together. And while it’s waiting to be given out again, every time you think you’re ready, the cracks remind you just how hard it was to put back together the first time around.

But once you find that person that maps their way into your very being, it’ll take you back to the first time your heart wound around someone so tight, it never wanted to let go. Loving someone the second time around will be frighteningly, and unimaginably familiar.

To find the perfect person is impossible, to find the perfect person for you will only take time, understanding, and a piece of yourself you’re willing to share with someone worthy of it.

Feed the soul

Pay Attention

Children are meant to fulfill life.

The empty space, the damaged, scarred area you ignore, or the forgotten goals you never fixed because the thought to acknowledge it was frightening. If you pay attention, a child can prove to you they’ve filled the empty space. The damaged, scarred area is just a scar and that it healed. Or they can inspire you to face your fears.

Children will remind you how to love so deeply it hurts to let go. To overcome life one day at a time. To succeed because you won’t let them give up. To fight back for what they believe in. To make a difference because even the smallest gesture can make a huge positive impact.

As long as your paying attention they offer you limitless inspiration.

Feed the soul

It takes TWO

Love is not kind, it’s messy, and dirty and sometimes you have to fight for it. Sometimes you have to remember it’s still there during every fight. Make sure the other person is on the same page as you. Love is very specific, and if you don’t help it grow and fight for every ounce of it . . . it gets lost. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be found. So once you find someone and they’re willing to work just as HARD as you.
Keep them.

Feed the soul

Dance to your own tune and no one else’s

Be yourself.

If you truly believe it’s worth fighting for don’t take no for an answer.

Never be afraid of who you are.

Take the time to get to know yourself.

Understand no one is perfect, including you.

Take everything as a compliment.

Anyone questioning your self worth should be reminded they aren’t worth your time.

No one said they had to dance to your tune but they can’t stop you from dancing to yours. Let them watch and learn a few things.

Feed the soul

Feed the soul

Feed the soul

The light at the end of the tunnel. The feeling of a good deed. The test you aced because you studied hard. The minute you walk across the graduation stage. The day you fail and realize it’s not the end of the world. Screaming at the top of your lungs. Beating fear. Sticking up for yourself. Sticking up for someone else. Knowing your not alone. Getting your to do list done. Watching your kids do the right thing. Finding happiness. Sacrificing for the greater good. Turning over a new leaf. Realizing you’re beautiful. Enjoying the moment. Understanding what a true friend is. Having a true friend. Being a true friend. Making a difference. Tears of happiness.

Feed the soul. It lifts you up, warms your heart, and makes you smile. And that is when you know that your soul is happy.

Know the feeling? Me too.

Feed the soul

When ‘shit hits the fan’ – GET MAD! – we’re human it’s what we do.

You’re allowed to be sad.
You’re allowed to be happy.
You’re allowed to be upset.
You’re allowed to be scared.
You’re allowed to be silly.

But GOD forbid if you get mad! Don’t be angry, forgive. Don’t be angry, they didn’t mean it. Don’t be angry, they aren’t worth your time. Don’t be angry, it was an accident. Don’t be angry, that’s life.


It’s an emotion and it has the right to come out just like any other emotion. You want to forgive? Do it later! Allow yourself to be angry. They didn’t mean it? Maybe not but I’m still pissed off! They aren’t worth my time? They sure the hell aren’t, they give humans a bad name! An accident? It might have been an accident but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make me mad! Life happens? I know it does, but let me jump over this hurdle like a raging f***ing bull!


Don’t suppress your anger because you think it’ll make you a better person. Anger has nothing to do with the person you are. One emotion is not going to define your life.

But while you’re being angry I do suggest a few things:
1. Do not make any decisions.
2. Do not take it out on someone else.
3. Make sure if you are venting, the person knows you’re yelling to relieve the anger and you’re not yelling at them personally.
4. Whatever made you angry, walk away from it, and come back later.
5. If it’s something specific making you angry then stay away from it! (Easier said then done)
6. If you are holding a grudge, the only way to get rid of it is to face the problem and talk it out.


Feed the soul

Being kind when someone is pissed off will annoy the hell out them.

So really this pertains to customer service.

Everyone deals with customers eventually. And everyone has good and bad days at work. But it’s always worth your while to be really kind and smile like the Joker (in Batman) when you’re dealing with an idiot. Specifically, the idiot meaning the deranged, awful person that is trying to get you fired by doing something for them that your job specifically stated you can’t do.

Smile wide and be too nice and repeat the store policy and they will either calm down or get extremely annoyed that your so happy and they aren’t. And your bad day might be salvaged by being too nice!

If you can’t do it, then tell them you’re going to get someone else to explain it to them because maybe they can’t understand the way you’re explaining it. And simply walk away and find someone else to tell them exactly what you already told them.

Sometimes you get to go back and finish whatever you started and smile widely at the fact of how dumb they are after someone repeated the same explanation as you. (I find this happens with people who are sexist or think you’re too young to know anything).

And always end the conversation with ‘Have a wonderful day.’

Feed the soul

If you’re trying something new for the first time, give it your all.

If you’re going to mope around while trying something new THEN DONT BOTHER! Because I can see your future: you’re going to be miserably.

Everyone knows it’s a whole lot of fun if you participate no matter how nerdy, stupid, dumb, nerdy, dirty, educational, foreign …. Did I mention nerdy? It is.

If you don’t participate then how do you know if you really hate it. Hate is a strong word, it should only be used if you absolutely, positively, no chance in hell are ever going to tolerate it.

Maybe you’ll find it tolerable and be able to find a little joy or maybe you’ll completely and utterly fall in love.

Just saying, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Feed the soul

Always acknowledge sacrifices and the little things in life

All of the little annoying jobs take up a lot of time. Taking out the trash, washing dishes, cleaning floors, fans, bathrooms, picking up toys, getting the mail, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner (putting milk and cereal together counts), paying the bills, watering the plants, walking the dogs, feeding the animals, grocery shopping, filling the car up, getting the oil change done. The list is horrendously long.

What about the hard worker who gets the job done before being asked? Or the coworker who helps others and never complains? The greeter who never fails to give a customer a smile? The person who goes far beyond the line of duty. The person who gives a helping hand to a neighbor in need.

Anyone who has kids remembers the days hugs and kisses were (or still are) plentiful. Teaching them how to ride their bikes and taking them to practice. Proud of all the awards they earn from school. Watching them make decisions (hopefully the right one) on their own.

Everyone is aware of anything someone does wrong. Maybe, we should take a little time to make sure they know if they do something right. The little odd jobs and sacrifices take a lot of time if you add them together, so the next person who gets it done should get a little acknowledgement because they saved time out of your day.

Every little job is significant. Every sacrifice is essential. Every memory is momentous.

Feed the soul

If your doing something you can’t tell your family about, then you shouldn’t be doing it

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The next time your imagination decides to run wild before you act on the idea, ask yourself ‘can I tell my mom? Dad? Husband? Wife? Daughter? Son? Brother? Sister?’

If the answer is no, take a minute and ask yourself why. Once you start hiding part of your life from your family, you’re in serious trouble. The skeletons in the closet will pile on top of each other, until the closet becomes full and one day it spills out in front of everyone.

Ashamed, embarrassed, regret, lost, stupid. That’s how you’ll feel and that’s how you should feel! And it is literally all your fault. The best thing to do is admit you were wrong and accept the blame. The one thing I hate the most is someone trying to give excuses for what they knowingly did wrong.

The truth shall set you free! So why didn’t you start with it in the first place?