Addressing the Pink Elephant

Snitch vs Coward, the truth shall set you free

No one wants to be called a snitch. Or a tattletale.

The word snitch has the universal meaning of telling someone who wasn’t there, exactly what happened, an informer.

Almost everyone as a child is told ‘no one likes a tattletale,’ and almost everyone has heard the saying ‘snitches get stitches’. So, in a way, we grow up being told it is not okay to inform on one another whether it’s a small misdemeanor or a felony. But then we’re told the difference between right and wrong and to speak up if we’re being threatened or hurt in any way. So which message do we pick to follow. Which one gets to become part of your inner conscious and makes you believe you’re doing the right thing?

So what happens to the law abiding citizen, when a crime is committed and no one is willing to help? Why shouldn’t the people who committed the crime be brought forth for the consequences of their actions?

We wouldn’t need informers if there weren’t crimes being committed, and the person committing the crimes owned what they did. If you’re so scared of getting caught, or you’re getting ‘justice’ (in your own way), why wouldn’t you own up to what you did?

So you’re going to get mad at someone who tells the truth as opposed to you owning the crime you just committed?

Are they a snitch for speaking the truth of what you’re too afraid to admit yourself?

No, you’re just a coward.


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